WPNearby Places Review

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Hi this is Andrew The Blacksmith and today I am reviewing

WPNearby places a word press plugin by Albert Harlow

He had been developing award-winning web applications and

websites since 2003, and has been in the software business since 1992. Having seen a lot develop over these years, he wrote an article about all the changes he’s personally witnessed.

It’s all been amazing to be a part of. But nothing has come along quite as exciting to me in communicating a message as well as WordPress does in my opinion, mainly because of its ability to enable an amateur web developer to easily add functionality through using “plugins” and “add-ons”.

The idea of WP Nearby Places came through working on a project for a client in rebuilding his web presence. This client has six apartment buildings in the Cleveland Ohio area and was looking to improve his occupancy rates.

One of the features on his old website was showing his tenants (and potential tenants) where his locations were on a map along with what was close-by his locations.

The previous website developer used something from Yelp, which frankly did not work well and certainly was not dynamic. Thus the idea that I could build it better came to me.

Thanks for watching my review I hope you liked it.

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