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Commission Typhoon Review

Awesome bonuses

Hi Andrew The Blacksmith here and today I am reviewing a brand

new method by Edwin Mik and Samuel Cheema aptly titled

Commission Typhoon . Describing a couple of methods to get

targeted traffic from a previously untapped source producing

$112.23 every day in and unbeatable passive income .


We know from experience, it’s VERY easy to STOP

before you START, if you find a system that requires traffic

and are unsure what to do with it.

Well, with our unbeatable System, we have included 2 ways to drive

targeted traffic leads so you can bank commissions daily.

Get the BEST of BOTH worlds


Learn, Earn, and Scale Your Passive Income Starting Today!

Thanks for watching my review I hope you liked it.

Feature Details

I have recently found out that Commission Typhoon has some of the unique features.

Today in my Commission Typhoon Review,

I want to show key features of Commission Typhoon-Front End

Commission Typhoon provides you with the full CPA Profit Lab Method including 2

different methods that show you in detail the way you can profit easily by promoting offers.

The first method offers you really cheap Youtube ads.

On the other hand, the second method uses completely free traffic.

These methods reveal exactly how you can earn consistent $100 every single day with just 30 minutes of work each day.

OTO 1 – Live Case Studies

There are over-the-shoulder case studies of the exact methods put into action.

You will have the chance to know everything from the way Samuel Cheema

show the offers that he used, the exact targeting, interests, capture pages to ad copies.

You can also receive personal help via Facebook as well.

For the downsell to the case studies, you will receive the case studies,

but you will only know the offer that Samuel Cheema is using,

the keywords, capture pages as well as ad copies.

It means that interests and other small things will be left out.


OTO 2 – It offers you 3 Done-For-You campaigns

These contain the offers, capture pages, targeting, interests, ad copy, ad creative as well as 7-day follow up emails.  There are 2 offers will use the Youtube Ads method, and 1 DFY offer will feature the free traffic method. In fact, it totally lets you know all the ‘work’ you would have to put in that you can easily to follow.

For the downsell of the DFY package, you will receive only 2 DFY packages instead of 3.

OTO 3 gives you 3 Live Webinars

that will be held just only for purchasers of this offer. They will be lasted for 3 weeks,

with 1 being held each week. You will actually get personal help from Samuel Cheema

and his support team and they will also take you through the Commission Typhoon

methods in the easiest way ever since everything will be disclosed in great detail.

For the downsell of the webinar series,

you can open the access to the recordings of all 3 live calls, however, cannot attend them.

Recordings will be delivered after each call.

Pros and Cons


  • Newbie-friendly course
  • Step-by-step lessons.
  • Real case studies
  • No need prior experience or skill
  • Proven to get real results
  • Resources Savings (save time, money and efforts).
  • Ѕmаrt trісks guarantee generates the stable income.


I have not found out any drawbacks of Commission Typhoon yet.

User experience

In my Commission Typhoon Review today, I want to share my personal experience of this method. At first, I just want to try some brand new and unique methods and actually do not expect so much but it lets me eliminate all the hard work and frustrating tasks in affiliate marketing. Commission Typhoon is proven to get results as well as gives me the chance to gain cheap traffic to my offers and then generate more than $100 per day with no more than 30 min of “work”. With all supports from Commission Typhoon’s creator and support team, I believe that even complete newbies can easily follow exact its methods to start generating $100 per day continuously.

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