Kaizen kind of day

Hi Dom thanks for the kind words and well its 4 am. I would love to visit your mens shed one day and say hi to all the Men .. I love men and thats ok I am one .

I have been up for a while and that was after two beers last night and I am feeling great . I love this time of the day and always have . Apple is asleep on the floor next to the fridge the air con is not working again, in the bedroom, not that its all that hot now. I cannot do anything to her she is a like a naughty girl and well sometimes I think things but cannot do anything. For all her foibles she has given her life to me in such an amazing way and never asks for much .She does want a new micro wave oven . She is a big user and the current one died . Will suggest the King would not approve of her antics .. Been doing some squats in the machine and they have made my thighs a bit sore .

I will be Apple’s carer like you care for disabled she is disabled at times .. Thanks for the compliments dear Dom and you were and are my most amazing friend and I don’t say that lightly . I doubt if Eli will eventuate but good that he was able to contact me with his idea . He hasn’t got back to me and he is not receiving messages from me . Remember he poo pooed my gifts that took so much effort to send no more sending for me . Packing it all up then going to the Mall Post Office filling out forms and pay big time they do not appreciate all that . We all have doubts sometimes and you don’t know how much your love and support means to me . Sometimes I feel like I am in an exotic prison now thats self pity if ever there was . Don’t worry that does not last for long its hard to be miserable here I have tried and it just doesn’t work . We both know exercise is a great thing for the mind body soul/spirit . I will be there with bells on again today but not till around 11 am .

I have to do a tofu run and salad pick up .


My salad maker did you ever see her ? I call her blind master Po she is very challenged in the sight area but her salads are always perfect . That is when they are there . So yesterday I scored one and said “Tomorrow i will be back and want three salads ” so they are ordered .. I will eat salads mostly and tofu love the garlic sprinkles too.

Dom getting back to your kind words I amaze myself sometimes most of the time . Going from Chef to Farrier and living in the bush all those years that was a great time and not a waste at all . And the thing that does amaze me is how long its been going on over 70 years . I have outlived so many that is why I feel so blessed and God must have a purpose for me he doesn’t want me to come home and I am ok with that . His purpose is for me to love in the extreme I am sure thats it .. Forgive all and go in Rhino balls swinging . Not exactly turn the other cheek or become a doormat .Tough love . Being a wuss benefits no one

I have so many happy memories and often cast my mind back . Even with the estranged family can remember so many good times . We were accidental pioneers living in tents and riding ponies like the Mongols . Now there’s a great movie “Mongol” Dave gave me the torrent file .

I think money was their main problem, not enough . We lived there and built that mud-brick house on the community . For a few years we lived in an old army tent . How we did I would not know now . The tent was just below the original farm house .

Simon lived there at one time .


We ran a power cord to the tent and we had a outdoor shower with a home made hot water system . The 44 drum heater/fire place had a copper coil and a thermo syphon up to a recycled hot water tank . You know the ones that you see in homes . These were in supply at the dump . I used to make them into Pot-belly heaters and sold quite a few . As soon as they leak they are replaced . Many are useable and wow the water stayed hot for a couple of days boiling in fact ..

I feel all my life has been boiled down to now and I have no regrets .

Your visit was a real highlight [thanks] and well there’s more in store .. Lets see who is the next President and that is a few weeks away November the 8th. Then the release of my long awaited PS4 game .

Watchdogs 2 .

The guards here are great and I love them and they me . A couple of years ago they gave me a kitten . I had a great time with it cats are fun . Got it house trained and used the kitty litter . Apple was not so keen . Initially it used to streak in onto the bed and piss . Now Apple has pissed on the bed many times so maybe there’s a link .

Anyway this morning I see a cat and the guard said that’s your cat come back . Well how about that .. I think it even remembered me . Might let it come in the room for a visit .. I had it and then one day they took it away when we went on a few days holiday .

Was not around when we came back .

I was ok with that animals are not really allowed in the rooms, although sometimes I hear a bark . Thais and there small dogs . Apple called it Moosebar pronounced Mooo see bar .. . Well happy days to you and apparently that film maker who makes all the controversial movies like bowling for columbine, Micheal Moore, has made a surprise documentary thats no surprise really but I am going to see it if possible .. Ok stay frosty