How to Gain Muscle
How to Gain Muscle
How to Gain Muscle
How to Gain Muscle
How to Gain Muscle

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From: Sherlock McCarthy

Dear Tiny,

Yep. Youíre sick and tired of carrying around those itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, terribly excuses for muscles, arenít you? I know Ė because I used to be an el shrimpo just like you.

Not anymore, though.

Now, Iím buff, sexy and covered in rippling and strong muscles. Donít worry Ė I wonít squash you. Although I probably shouldÖ


Because youíve been sucking down those muscle-building powders and pathetically lifting weights in your basement for months with no results. Sure, your muscles might be tight but why are they so puny?

Ok half-pint. Settle down. Iím about to show you how I went from you to me in just a few monthsí time. No, Iím not talking about getting calf implants, here. Iím talking about using the right methods.

You see, although you are pathetic, youíre trying awfully hard. You just donít have the right knowledge of what you can use to make that effort pay off. I do.

How to Gain Muscle
How to Gain Muscle
How to Gain Muscle
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Youíll learn how to use many different tactics for building those tiny muscles into rippling, huge, strong muscles that will not only impress the ladies Ė heck, it will impress you!

Donít fall for those over the counter powders that youíre supposed to mix into your foodÖlike muscles are going to magically appear overnight. Come on now, letís get real ok. Iím going to show you the exact processes I used to gain my rippling muscles and then you can follow my system.

Awful nice of me to let you do that, isnít it?

Hey Ė donít think Iím being insensitive. This is why Iím offering it to you anyway. I know, I used to be there. Man, it was embarrassing to take off my shirt and show my little birdy chest. Forget going to the gym and showing off for the ladies. I wouldnít even really look in the mirror unless I was wishing I could use the force to create hard, huge muscles.

So, I know what youíre going through. Itís pretty damn frustrating that none of that Ďwishingí builds muscle isnít it? Well, never fear Ė buff, sexy me is here. Iím going to go ahead and give you the tools you need to build larger, more defined, chiseled muscles on that scrawny little frame of yours.

Youíll be thanking me later, and if you donít, I really donít care. Iíll still be hotter than you..

Hey dudes!

This eBook was awesome. I went from a scrawny 160 to a tough 185 fighting machine in a few months! And the stuff I learned in this eBook was easy to understand and even easily to follow.

It was amazing. Now I have girls falling at my feet wherever I go. I'm actually even dating a swimsuit model now.

Yeah, a hot, bikini model who would never have looked twice at me before I bulked up thanks to what I learned from this eBook.

Thanks for helping me to become one of the hottest dudes around.

Malibu, California.


I've always been fit, but I've also always bit really thin. I never felt very masculine or attractive.

Then I stumbled across this eBook and BAM! In a few months I was packing some major muscles. I've actually started competing in body building tournaments.

Nothing magjor yet, but I think this eBook might get me on the pro circuit soon. It's awesome. And I'm so freakin' awesome thanks to it.

In fact, sometimes I can't help but stare at myself in the mirror and admire how hot I am now. Thank you for this great eBook.

Lubbock, Texas.

So, hereís what youíll learn with my ĎMuscle Gaining Revealedí manual:

  • Which foods you should be eating if you ever hope to put muscle on that body. Thatís right Ė it has a lot to do with the grub youíre cramming down your face. You see, certain foods give you muscle building vitamins and minerals that you simply MUST have if you ever hope to be less pathetic.

  • What exercises work and which ones donít. You know, there are so many dweebs out there right now just pumping away at this exercise and that Ė and sadly, they have no idea that it wonít gain them an inch of muscle. Well, fortunately, Iíve figured it out for you and yepÖIím willing to share.

  • What you really need to build muscle if you want to stay healthy. Thereís no use in trying to kill yourself just because youíre puny. Iíll show you how I got so absolutely hot and stayed super-healthy. Iím just that nice.

  • What youíre doing wrong. YepÖMan this is one of my favorite parts. Iíll point out exactly what youíre doing wrong when it comes to trying to build muscles. Ok birdbrain Ė Iíll also point out what the right things are and how to do those instead. See, getting better by the minute!

  • Why you must have protein. Iíll let you know what proteins you really need if you hope to become gorgeous like me and where you should get them from. Forget about supplements and vitamins. Those are for girls. Learn how real men get the protein they needÖlike me.

  • Steroids Ė do or donít? Iím sure itís something that has crossed your mind, since youíre having so much trouble getting the guns. Well, Iíll tell you whether itís a great idea or just another dweeb idea of yours. Yes, Iíve got it all covered for you short-stack.

  • How to get the guns quickly Ė so you can resemble me even faster. Every guyís ultimate goal. Lose those puny patooty arms and gain real biceps. Define those abs and build up that bird chest so that youíre sexy, rippled and in the best shape of your life.

  • And moreÖbut I donít feel like telling you now. So, order the package to find out.

Gotta Have it Now!


As a fire fighter, I have always been concerned with fitness and strength. Though I've never been small muscle wise,

I've never been where I wanted to be either. This eBook changed all that for me. Now I'm bigger than ever and fitter than ever.

I have no doubt that I could pull any person out of a burning building without being fatigued thanks to this eBook. This eBook has made it possible for me to save even more lives doing my job.

So, thank you for writing this eBook Ė you have touched more lives than you will ever know.

Mike P.
Orlando, FL.

Now, before you get your underwear in a wad, let me tell youÖI know this will work for you? Why? BecauseÖremember, I said I was a shrimpo like you at one point too. AndÖIíve witnessed the transformation of thousands of other shrimpos just like you from using my amazing, genius ideas.

So, hereís what I say Ė if you donít like the results you get from the ĎMuscle Gaining Revealedí package, Iíll give you every bit of your money back. Thatís rightÖif you seem to think you can do better without my package, Iíll give you your money and leave you to flounder around like a skinny little chicken in the middle of winter Ė no sweat off my biceps.

HeyÖthatís 100% GUARANTEED. So, donít be scared sissy boy. Iíll give you the information you need to finally gain some muscle.


Iíll even throw in a few bonuses. Yep, thatís right. In fact, when you order today, Iíll give you more than $75 in bonuses absolutely FREE. See Ė I told you Iím not insensitive.

So maybe instead of being a pencil-neck dweeb, youíre a bit of a fatty. Well, thatís no problem either. Because this bonus will show you exactly how to burn that fat off AS you put on muscle. By boosting your metabolism and working out the way you normally do, you will get rid of all that chub and gain the hard, rippled muscles youíve been dreaming of.

Youíre already on your way to being the guy most girls dream of. Isnít that exciting? Donít worry Ė it doesnít take long so you only have to live without those super-hot muscles for a little longer. Then, youíll be Fabio-licious. Without the girly hair, hopefully.

This is a $38 product that Iím giving you as a FREE bonus with your purchase of ĎMuscle Gaining Revealedí today.

Hereís where we get into the real fat burning techniques if you need to take off few pounds before you become beautiful like me. Youíll learn the super-effective methods of shedding that gross fat and becoming thinner, leaner, stronger and most definitely healthier. Can anyone say heart attack at 40? Not anymoreÖyouíre about to learn the best methods of burning fat that youíve ever seen.

So, if youíre a chunky guy, donít worry about it. Soon, youíll be slim, hard and toned with hot muscles just like I am. Imagine taking off your shirt and watching the women really appreciate what youíve got underneath. Thatís what I experience every single time Iím in public. HEY Ė Iím not conceited. Iím convinced and Iím also convinced that you simply canít afford to miss this opportunity.

This is a $38 product that Iím giving you as a FREE bonus with your purchase of ĎMuscle Gaining Revealedí today.

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!

So, itís about time for me to go stare at myself in the mirror for an hour or two while I rub glistening oi on my rock hard abs. But thereís just one more thing I want to tell you. I really like the thought of being beautiful and RICH, so this low, low price isnít going to last very long.

If you donít get it now, youíll probably end up paying a lot more very soon. Donít delay because if you do, youíll probably cry. Get it today.


Before reading this eBook, I never had a girlfriend. I never had the confidence to even approach a girl,

let alone ask her out. I mean, why on earth would a girl ever even think about going on a date with a little shrimp of a guy like I was? Then I found this eBook and my life has changed.

I feel so confident in my new and improved body that I am currently dating three different women.

I went from no girls to three in just a few months! Amazing! If you haven't tried this eBook yet, you really should.

Akron, Ohio.


Thanks so much for writing this great eBook. I myself have not read it,

but I have seen the results in my husband and WOW! After ten years of marriage I want him more now than ever before because of his new hot body.

He is the sexiest I have ever seen him. His arms and chest are rippling with muscles and his thighs are rock hard. He was always the most beautiful man to me in my heart,

but now my body actually agrees. Thanks for spicing up my marriage with your great eBook! Do you have anything for women?

New York,New York.

How to gain Muscle

Sincerely, Sherlock McCarthy


P.S. One more thing Ė donít forget about my guarantee. Youíll love the new you or youíll get your dough back, no questions asked. Thatís for certain, partner. Donít miss out on your one chance to get the real methods it takes to go from you to meÖyou will not be disappointed.

P.P.S. OkÖone MORE thing. If you buy today, you get those great free bonuses I told you about a minute ago. You really donít want to miss out on those. Hey, I donít care if you ever look sexy like I doÖyou can stay a skinny skinny boy man for the rest of your life. But you care. So get ĎMuscle Gaining Revealedí now.

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